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The Atelier

Wen New is the art and language atelier of conceptual writer Kalen Iwamoto and artist Julien Silvano.

At the atelier, we inhabit the hyphens of language-art and physical-digital. More generally, the atelier is a site for exploring the inter- and the trans-, where we dwell in the liminal spaces between genres, forms, media, languages, and other predefined fields of practice, and trace the transformations they undergo as they move across, through and beyond these spaces.

In these explorations, words become other than, or more than, our usual vessels of meaning. They are the terrain for games, participation, action; they are aesthetic marks, material bodies, conceptual cloaks. The atelier’s work is driven by concepts -- it is the concept of an artwork that determine its artistic and literary form, whether it be installation, performance, art object, painting, print, sculpture, poetry, play.

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